MINIMO HOMME EXLUSIVE- New Face Q&A - Jubril Oyedeji by Andrew Madrid

Name: Jubril Oyedeji

Agency: Krush MGMT

Age: 20

Nationality: Nigerian

Instagram: @angel_jubril96

M: How were you discovered? Jubril: I was shopping with my friend when a scout walked up to me and said "you have a great look and perfect height, are you interested in modeling?" The rest was history.

M: What is your favorite piece of clothing? Jubril: My Black Jeans from G-star because it fits me perfectly and it's great for any weather or season. M: What place would you love to visit? Jubril: I would love to visit Paris.

M: What are you currently obsessed with? Jubril: Currently, I'm obsessed with my career as a model.