Minimo Homme Excluive: Philip Mayberry by Andrew Madrid

Suit: Loris Diran, Shirt: Sandro, Shoes: AS65

Photographer Andrew Madrid teams up with NYC based stylist Brandon Garr in a new exclusive for MINIMO HOMME. With inspiration drawn from music festival style, the story features effortless and refreshing looks. The editorial features model Philip Mayberry with Major Models. Some of the brands include Loris Diran, Sandro and Outerknown. See bellow for full feature:

Shirt: AS65, Shorts: Gilda Midani

Top: Outerknown, Pant: Loris Diran

Top and bottom: Outerknown, Shoes: Vince Camuto

Shirt: Gilda Midani, Shorts: Loris Diran, Shoes: AS65

Shirt: AS65, Jeans: Levi's

Jacket and pant: Loris Diran

Shorts: Outerknown, Shirt: Loris Diran