Brands We Love: LE LABO launches Men's Grooming Line

October 15, 2017

No stranger to notable and distinct fragrance formulas, Le Labo has recently ventured out into a line of men's grooming products. The line has a range of 6 products with formulas carefully crafted in their California lab. Inspired by the golden days of Americana, the products encapsulate the scents of a classic barbershop. Fragrance notes include tobacco, hair tonic and pomade. A pleasantly distinct hint of their epitomic Santal 33 is also present.


As for packaging, Le Labo has not disappointed. Creams and balms are presented in classic tubes that include branded "tube squeezers". The beard oil and moisturizer come in amber glass bottles, which ensure the formula stays in optimum condition. The line also comes in a "Discovery Set" which includes a smaller shaving cream, after-shave balm, face lotion and face bronzer. See bellow for full product list:






A classic shaving cream. A razor will glide easily through this smooth textured formula.


Fragrance: none

Key Ingredients: SAGE (tonifying) CHAMOMILE (soothing)

COCONUT (nourishing)

Size: 120ml

Price: $32









This lightweight formula keeps your skin smooth and hydrated without the greasy aftermath.


Fragrance: none

Key Ingredients: SHEA BUTTER (nourishing) GINGER ROOT (smoothing) MANGO (moisturizing)

Size: 60ml

Price: $38








This is not a self-tanner. This bronzer can be applied anywhere that needs an extra hint of sun. It can be easily washed off at night.


Fragrances: none

Key Ingredients: TUMERIC (smoothing) SUNFLOWER (protecting)

Size: 60ml

Price: $40










This beard oil tames even the roughest beard
or mustache leaving it smooth and moisturized.



Fragrance: none

Key Ingredients: LINSEED (nourishing) JOJOBA (luster and shine)

Size: 60g

Price: $30







Cooling and soothing after-shave that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized with no greasy residue.



Fragrance: none

Key Ingredients: AVOCADO (nourishing) SUNFLOWER (protecting) ROSEMARY (tonifying)

Size: 120ml

Price: $35









Warm it up, rub it in, and style to your liking. Easy to mold but keeps your hair right where you want, without looking wet or greasy.


Fragrance: none

Key Ingredients: LINSEED (nourishing) JOJOBA (luster and shine)

Size: 60g

Price: $30








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