MODEL Q&A: Silvian Popusoi


Silvian Popusoi

We sat down for a short Q&A with new face Silvian Popusoi Photograohed by Zachary Thomas. Silvian is currently represented with Maggie Inc. in Boston. We discussed skincare, fashion and what exciting plans he has coming up. You can check out some highlights of our Q&A with him below:

When did you first start modeling?

I didn’t have my very first shoot until last fall but I was scouted last April by an agency in New York named Click Models. I was set up with Maggie through them.

What are some of your recent goals?

My current life goal is to graduate college with a bachelors in computer science. While doing so I will be competing in soccer and track, and I’m currently training to become the best possible athlete I can be.

What are your favorite brands at the moment?

My favorite brands right now are athletic clothing brands, including Nike and adidas. I play a lot of sports so athletic clothing is important to me.

What’s one brand you would love to model for?

I would love to do a shoot for Nike, since my role model, Cristiano Ronaldo, a professional soccer player, is a signed player with that company.

What’s your skincare routine?

My face routine is very simple, I don’t use any products, besides lotion sometimes, and I make sure I wash my face when I wake up, and before bed.