Brands We Love: Jack Henry


Simple, clean and natural are all words that come to mind when describing California based brand Jack Henry. Being fairly new to the skincare landscape the brand is already showing its uniqueness and variety in high quality products. From hair clay pomades to facial cleansers and moisturizers, the brand has a wide range of everyday essentials. They source natural ingredients. from around the world from to essential oils from the Mediterranean coconut oil from the Philippines. All these carefully sourced ingredients provide the base for their formulations which embody he philosophy of the brand: plant-based and zero synthetics.

"We believe in crafting the most effective clean and pure products. We believe in simple purposeful ingredients that are sourced from the finest locations. We believe in inspiring and educating. We also believe it goes beyond the actual product. It's about the design, the craft, the way it's made, the way you use it, and most importantly, the way it makes you feel." - Jack Henry

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